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Canadian Dividend Aristocrats

Low Cost Individualized Accounts

Canadian Dividend Aristocrats

Durig Capital has established several Dividend Aristocrats portfolios, this one is the Canada based Portfolio that targets 20 of the highest yielding Aristocratic companies. This Canadian Dividend Aristocrat portfolio targets current income, an increase future income, and to increase the investment principle, where together all three elements can provide a robust total investment return.

Durig has several Aristocrat Portfolios like this Canadian Dividend portfolio to choose from

This Canadian Dividend Aristocrat portfolio is ideal for those looking to invest their money looking for good levels of income combined with growth with a low management cost, why not have a dedicated professional review, manage, or diversify with our many other successful strategies to help you achieve your income needs.

This Canadian based Dividend Aristocrat Portfolio is focused companies with current high dividends, plus a long history of increasing their dividends. Each company must increase their dividend each and every year to remain on our Canadian Dividend portfolio, as we want our clients to have strong with increasing incomes. We want our investors to consistently capture to the “cream of the crop” of high and growing dividend companies.

Durig’s Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Portfolio Strategy utilizes the following proven strategies:

Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Weighting:
This Canadian Dividend Aristocrats portfolio utilizes a equal level of stock weighting, with the 20 highest dividend paying companies.

Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Trading:
The Canadian Dividend Aristocrats trading is 100% free of all commissions.

Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Re-balancing:
Every quarter the Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Portfolio is Re-balanced.

Durig has a focus on Solving Your Income Needs Through Transparent Fiduciary Services that provide:

Very Low Overall Cost:

Dogs portfolios have only .50% fees

Personal One-on-One Continuous Service:

Our in house investment registers advisors at Durig answer all phone calls, and hopefully on the first ring, as we want to help you.

Using Proven Investment Strategies that have Outperformed over Time:

Most if not all of our strategist are proven, over time, to outperform their peers before we integrate them into our services.

Durig Offers:

Durig provides a wide selection of fixed Income, dividend income and growing dividend income portfolios, including the “Dogs” and “Aristocrats”  portfolios for those looking to increase or even grow their income over time.

Since we offer our customized investment management services in-house, we keep our cost down to the wholesale levels, even to the public. .

Our professional, personalized services enables access to a broad spectrum of bonds, income stocks, high yields, and lower overall cost, that are often found only in very large no service mutual funds.

At Durig we our proud to provide higher levels of customized individual performance and personnel fiduciary services all at a very low overall cost.


Canadian Dividend Aristocrats 20

Annual Cost: 0.50% or 1/8 of a percent per quarter.
Average Dividend Yield of About:  4.88%
Minimum Investment: $25,000
Minimum Holding Period: None|
Re-Balanced Quarterly
No Cost Transations




What Durig’s Dogs of the Dow Provides to Simplify the Investment Process:

We work with the leading US low cost platform of Charles Schwab as our primary custodian.

We provide the highly preferred e-document services providing all simplified paperwork completely with you signature though one simple email.

We hope to make the whole, even online, investment process simple, easy, with very low overall cost and today often with zero trading fees. All of this effort is designed to provide a superior resource for value income clients.

All of this effort is designed to  provide a superior fiduciary resource for  our value income clients.  So if you want to need to generate more income simply give us a call or email.

For Advisors:

For clients of Charles Schwab advisors, please ask us how this might work for you and your current Financial Advisor

We offer our successful investment strategies of Fixed Income 2 (FX2) Portfolio, Dividend Aristocrats, the Income Aristocrats Portfolio along with are many Dogs Portfolios to other Charles Schwab Registered Investment Advisors through segregated accounts.

Our price is the very low cost of only 1/2 a percent and the RIA can apply an additional fee that they believe is best situated for your clients and or your firm.

Please review the right hand column for programs available.

Durig also holds an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Always putting your interests first

Registered Investment Advisor

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Great Discipline – Low Cost Options

Dividend Aristocrats

Diversified Blue Chip Stocks with Dividends
Cost .50%
Durig Managed
$ 25,000 MINIMUM
Dividend Aristocrats for Advisors

Income Aristocrats

Diversified Income Portfolio
Cost .50%
Durig Managed
$ 125,000 MINIMUM
Income Aristocrats for Advisors

Dogs of Canada

High Yield Dividends with Growth
Cost .50%
Durig Managed
$ 15,000 MINIMUM
Dogs of the Dow for Advisors

Dogs of The Dow

Blue Chip Stocks with Dividends
Cost .50%
Durig Managed
$ 15,000 MINIMUM
Dogs of the Dow for Advisors

Dogs of The S&P 500

Blue Chip Stocks with Dividends
Durig Managed
Cost .50%
$ 15,000 MINIMUM
Dogs of The S&P 500 for Advisors

Dogs of Europe

European Blue Chip Stocks with Dividends
Durig Managed
Cost .50%
$ 15,000 MINIMUM
Dogs of Europe for Advisors

Canadian Dividend Aristocrats

High Dividend Yield Plus Growth
Durig Managed
Cost .50%
$ 25,000 MINIMUM
Canadian Dividend Aristocrats for Advisors

European Dividend Aristocrats

Diversified Blue Chip Stocks with Dividends
Durig Managed
Cost .50%
$ 25,000 MINIMUM
European Dividend Aristocrats for Advisors

Select Bonds from Our Newsletter

Cost .50%


US and Foreign currency short bond portfolio
Cost .50%
Durig Managed
$ 125,000 MINIMUM
FX2 for Advisors


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